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Meeting Community members

This week we went into the Community and met a young lady named Ebony.  She is in her Mid-twenties and a resident of River Rouge (one of the communities we work in).   She is a friend of our boss Rhonda and is overall a great person.  Ebony is currently at WCCCD taking classes and has dreams of opening up her own Day Care within the community for all the young children to attend.  I think this is a great idea, I believe community Day Care’s are good assets to the community.  I have watched ebony work with children and she does a wonderful job!  I also met a woman who literally lives about 100 feet from marathon.  She explained to us just how toxic living close to a large polluting industry can be.  The woman told us about Marathon’s explosions, fires, flare problems and noise pollution.  The pollution and toxins in the air has caused many medical problems for the women and it was clear that living under conditions such as these can drastically effect your health.  It was very sad hearing her story, however; at the same time I had more drive to reach out and work closer with the community.  We also met a wonderful and proud community member who lives in 48217 and helps out a lot with the Sierra Club.  Ms. Leonard is a very sweet lady but she knows what she wants; and she wants to see changes made in her community.  We plan on teaming with Ms. Leonard a lot during this summer and hopeful tackling some large projects together. I am excited to see how everything turns out!!!

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  1. Spivey, I gotta tell you, I’m really glad that I read this! For spiritual reasons, I donate some money each year to charities, and I was thinking that this year, I wanted to give to a daycare… can you, in the future, get a donation check to Ebony?

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