Policy Meeting (Week 4) – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Policy Meeting (Week 4)

It is a little chaotic in the office today. My supervisor just got back from Mexico and is sick. On top of that we have a policy meeting tonight and ROC-MI’s restaurant (COLORS)  has a large event so we didn’t know where everyone will fit! We ended up having the meeting in the tiny back office. It was really neat meeting some of our more involved members and getting to see how passionate they are about ROC-MI. We had the meeting to start preparing for a candidate forum that we have been invited to present on our GOOD FOOD GOOD JOBS campaign. It was really great but i was slightly disappointed with the turnout. There was only 4 people there. I was in charge of calling people and a lot more people said they would make it but a lot of them ended up having to work. The problem with organizing a meeting of restaurant workers is that they never know their schedules until that day (or a few days before if they are lucky). That being said the meeting went really well and I am looking forward to the candidate forum.  

Also i learned a fun fact about Detroit today. Since I work right next to Comerica Park (where the tigers play) every time there is a game the parking prices go up (not that it affects me because i take the bus). The lot next to the office is usually $5 for full day parking, but on game days it is $20. However the cost of a parking ticket (if you pay it right away) is only $10. So it is actually cheaper to get a ticket than to pay for parking in a lot.  

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  1. Ha! Nice fun fact! Do you work by the Carr center/COLORS then? Because that’s right next to one of our parks (Paradise Valley Park), so if you’re in the area, you’ll probably see me out there at lunchtime at some point during the summer!

    That policy meeting and the campaign sound pretty cool! I’m excited to hear more, hope you get a better turnout at the candidate forum!

  2. What a coincidence I just recently had a meeting in the same building. that is if its like right in front and only walking distance from it and thats a good fact to keep in mind.

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