CPPC week 3 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

CPPC week 3

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings. This week was full of meetings for the Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP) and a lot of phone calls and emails to help plan the follow up tour. After the Blue Ribbon Panel meeting it was collectively decide that the panel must have a tour of the Park. There was various reasons from having some members that have never seen Chandler Park to others that just want to have a better feel of the park to help them visualize what the park could become. So we quickly began to find times and dates where most people where available for the tour of the park. We also had a lot of follow up meetings to finish off ideas people had from the BRP meeting, that they did not finish due to lack of time. Though out this process I found out that I’m horrible at taking minutes, i just did not know the proper form is or what I was supposed to be writing down. Though thanks to watching Pam (the other intern from U of M) and asking her questions I have slowly started to improve my note taking… Also I have learned that after next week I will be working with Wendy only part-time and will be working on a different project the rest of the time, so im looking forward to working and a new project but also continuing my work with CPPC.

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  1. Minutes are hard! I never know whether to take them verbatim or not. It seems like a waste to just write exactly what was said because there is always a lot of repetition and off-track comments. But if I try to summarize it myself, my own biases might creep through and a detail I deemed unimportant gets left out.

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