Final Week of June at MSA – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Final Week of June at MSA

I cannot believe a month has already gone by, it honestly does not feel like it has been a month. Now with only a month left, I feel incredibly behind in my project even though I technically am still on track. But, I can definitely feel the pressure which I hope pushes me to do go faster and be better. With a fresh new grant from the Knight Foundation, Millennial Mayors Congress is feeling pretty good and so the potential of my topic protocol getting the thumbs up is even more possible which is both exciting and nerve-wrecking.

This week was essentially about getting one of my topics’ literature reviews done which I was able to do pretty well even though I ran into some complications. It’s hard to be the one to say I think this is a good idea out of all the potential ideas, Emily really wanted me to take my point of view as a millennial to give the protocol a fresh take and I hope everyone is pleased with what I deliver. I’m meeting with her this week to go over everything and make sure I’m on the right track so I hope that all works out. I definitely am learning quite a bit about cities and municipal leadership. I feel like when I look all around the cities I travel through in metro Detroit, I can put names and leaders and boards/commissions to everything. I am really enjoying the vantage point I view the world in now (or at least metro Detroit). Being a part of this organization has also meant being up to date about all the leaders and politics, #wherescharles has been a huge part of the week and now watching the news, I don’t feel half as confused as I did now. I’m really appreciating this internship in bringing me into the world of politics regarding Detroit (still trying to figure out if its a good thing or bad thing).

Our organization has also wanted to have a larger part in social media with constant updates via blog posts on our website. So, MSA though it’d be a good idea to get our blog post skills under way and so I am also writing a practice blog posts on economic gardening which is very exciting. Hopefully, I can do well and get it published!

This week sounds very bland and perhaps it was out of all my other weeks. But, bland is good because it means I’m doing less side stuff and more work!

I also got to go to Canada this weekend to visit my new nephew but our car also broke down on Monday which is why I didn’t get to see all you lovely people at Monday’s seminar. It was pretty stressful but I am home now and getting right back into the CBRP groove. Lots of love, and hope ya’ll have an amazing fourth of July.

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  1. I am sure your work will be great and highly appreciated by your organization. That is really unfortunate you had vehicle problems, but I am glad everything worked out for you. Also, learning about politics and government is great for everyone to know. It directly affects all of us and having knowledge can protect us from corruption. Keep up the good work.

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