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Free Food

The best thing about working at a non-profit with a restaurant is the free food. I don’t know if it is because of the holiday coming up or because it is the end of the month but we have had a free lunch since Friday. Here is a rundown of what the free lunches have been


Friday: Leftover from a party the night before

  • sweet potato wontons

  • fried risotto balls

  • mini caprese salad on skewers (mozzarella, tomatoes and basil with garlic)

  • lots of dessert

Monday: curried chicken and rice

Tuesday: lasagna with chicken and vegetables

Wednesday: jerk chicken with salad and cranberry-orange juice


It has been super nice and all of the food is great!

Since my organization is closed on Thursday and Wednesday it is a super short week so I have just been continuing to work on my literature review. At the beginning the literature reviews was slightly frustrating because I had never done one before but also because there is very little information on the topic. My supervisor knew this and has been really encouraging and I am actually really proud of myself for finding all of the different resources and pulling it all together. I am just waiting now on my supervisor to add one additional part and we will send it off! It is nice knowing that I am really helping my organization get more money because they are doing some really great work.  

4 thoughts on “Free Food”

  1. Free food is the BEST hands down!! And even better the food is fancy! Next time bring some back for the dorm and share.

  2. That food sounds soooo good! And the lit review sounds crazy/impressive. It’s so great that you were able to finish one project already and that you know it will help your organization!

  3. No one turns down free food!! The curried chicken with rice and jerk chicken with salad sounds so good. Actually, jerk chicken and fries would be tasty right now.

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