New Project – Week 5 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

New Project – Week 5

I have recently started a new project as I patiently wait for DPD to email me back =/. I think I will have to turn to someone else now because the woman I was talking with at first had no problem meeting with me, but now she’s ignoring me!! Anyway this new project requires me to look at data from 3 different snap shots in time of businesses in the Grandmont Rosedale Community (and a little farther out) that are either vacant or occupied. I am currently still putting all 3 snapshots into one excel file to make it easier to compare them. This has taken a really long time because there are hundreds and hundreds of businesses. I am actually excited to finish this and analyze the data so we’ll so how this turns out.

Yesterday was the Fourth of July and I spent it with my guy. It was great and I enjoyed being with family and friends. I hope you enjoyed yourself as well!

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