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NED’s Notes

Ned’s Notes is an issue that Nortown is creating for the span of Northeast Detroit! and we are creating the newspaper from scratch meaning the layout, calling the company, designs. It is a nice creative and artsy spin to the regular roll of things so I do appreciate that minus the time crunch…I get a chance to play around with programs and do things that I don’t normally do but can easily figure out. That has been the biggest thing going on this week. Other than that week 5 with the Jul 4th off wasn’t too eventful. We were mostly working on that and tying up loose ends. We are also preparing for another community meeting next week which means I have been preparing the data base especially since it is one of the biggest groups and biggest turn out of community folks. 

More to report back on next week

3 thoughts on “NED’s Notes”

  1. I am glad you are being introduced to different programs and software. I hope that you can apply those skills in your future adventures. Have fun~

  2. That;s soo cool that you’re working with a circulating newspaper! I’d be interested to hear about what goes into publishing and circulating the paper if you ever read this comment and have time to tell me about it all 8)

  3. Eee that sounds fun to work on newspaper layouts and use different design programs. It seems like not just an enjoyable break from the research we’ve all been doing, but with familiarizing yourself with the programs and techniques you’re learning cool and useful skills you might need in future jobs! I like when I feel like I’m gaining skills at my placement that I can see being useful in the future.

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