Hau’s Week 5: Independence Week – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Hau’s Week 5: Independence Week


This week has been amazing for me.  I spent most of my working time composing my outline and paper for my organization in the Detroit public library.  The library is beautiful, and I was so productive there.  I love the atmosphere and the architecture of the building.  I feel so classy writing my paper in such a grand and beautiful library.  My time there also connected me to all the free events held at the library. I was introduced to a jazz concert and several artists native to the city.  I especially enjoy how the free events brought people together at the library enjoying different genre of art and creativity.  I cannot wait to further explore the library and accept what it has to offer.

Besides working, I was fortunate to be able to be immersed in the Mexican culture in southwest Detroit at one of my friends’ house.  The time I spent there introduced me to their ways of communication as a small Mexican/Latin community and their attitudes and behaviors as minorities living in Detroit.  At my friend’s house, I was surprised to watch my friend turned up the volume of her TV and leave it on before we leave the house.  It was also interesting to me how we all have to hustle to enter and exit the house.  My friend’s parents do not want my friend and I to walk anywhere, even if it a block away from her house; they want us safe at all cost.  Their protection and precautions surprised me because I am not used to it, but I understood their rationals for being so protective after they told me about the possible dangers of their neighborhood.  Listening to their concerns once again reinstated how naive I am about Detroit (or the world) and how real are the problems (i.e. violence, drugs, etc.) circulating Detroit.  However, my experiences in southwest Detroit also invited me to become more adventurous and daring to explore other culturally-rich areas in Detroit like Dearborn.  I want to try more delicious food, learn new customs, and to observe different living styles.  I am excited to learn more about Detroit in the next upcoming weeks.

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