First victory! – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

First victory!

We didn’t have a full week because of the holiday so there wasn’t too much going on in the office but we did have some good news! A week and a half ago, Kerrel and I started passing out the community health surveys to the community, specifically targeting the churches because they have a strong influence in their communities. We send occasional follow up emails to remind them to send in the results but we didn’t get any replies until Wednesday! One of the pastors had sent us back 20 surveys which was awesome because we didn’t know if we’d get any back from them. We’re still waiting on the rest in order to compile the data but it’s just good knowing that we’re making some progress in the project. That wednesday was also Activist Night at Sierra Club. Activist Night is an opportunity every month for community members to get involved with what the Sierra Club is working on and help out. We spent that night mailing out letters to congressmen, compiling info packets and getting to know each other. It was really fun! Other than that, that’s how we ended our week. 

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  1. Congratulations! I had to wait patiently for vendors for our health fair to respond, so I know how anxious you can feel. Eventually, many responded and I could finally take a sigh of relief. I’m glad everything seems to be working out. I also love activist night. It’s such a great opportunity to interact.

  2. Right now I’m sending out a survey and I am SO nervous that no one is going to reply and that I’m going to have no results to show at the end of all this.
    It looks like you’re getting some good results; I hope I have the same luck!

  3. That’s awesome that people are responding to your surveys! I haven’t had to put out any myself, but at the office where I work the biggest issue everyone has with any type of research is getting complete and honest responses for their surveys and polls. Nice job!

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