Focus Hope Week 5 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Focus Hope Week 5

Hi all,

Since the Focus: HOPE organization was closed this past week, I was tasked with continuing with certain parts of my project that I can complete remotely. Since we had the flexibility of working remotely I packed my bags and returned to my hometown, Chicago, since it was the last time I could visit home until thanksgiving break (since RA training starts right after the CBRP program ends). Working remotely was quite the challenge for me, as I would go to a coffeeshop and force myself to concentrate on some of the more menial tasks of my project. However, I did get some work done and prepared myself for a lot of the work I have this week.

On a more casual note, my casual time was great, and i spent much of the time catching up with old friends as well as interns who were in the city for the summer. I also got my horizontal ID and spent a record low 30minutes at the DMV! Other than that, it was cool going from Detroit to Chicago and seeing the similarities and differences. The time in Detroit has definitely helped me re-establish some of my city-roots, as all the time i spend in ann arbor sometimes causes me to feel like a stranger to chicago.

Im excited to get back to my project for this week, now that we’re officially halfway done with the program. I also get to meet with the U of M grad student this week for my Davison roadawy project, and that will more likely be what my poster is about, so more to come on that for my next blog post!

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  1. Sounds like fun…unlike the rest of us. Jk. I understand the out of state life AND RA training part, just cuts our vacation days down. Hope this week is productive for you and your project!

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