They say……DHDC W5 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

They say……DHDC W5

ImageThey say it is good to express your feelings when upset or bothered so this is me expressing my feelings. 

About a month ago I created a couple of flyers to promote smoking prevention/reduction in the community. I spent a lot of time on the flyers, edited them, found pictures that I thought fit best and translated them. I sent these flyers to my supervisor a month ago and looked over the translation with another co-worker.

Today was the day to print. We were actually going to pass out the flyers created and that was a great feeling! But then I discovered that my supervisor never read the email and there were things that needed to be changed. Things like formatting, colors, and adding information. They still look like my original idea but different. I got the credit for making them but I no longer want it.  

Lesson learned: Things don’t always turn out how they seem, even if it all seemed okay for a while. We have to be open to changes even when they aren’t what we wanted and move on. So this is me moving on 🙂

This one unforeseen setback won’t get me upset. I will be doing outreach with my supervisor tomorrow, and working on my surveys. 



4 thoughts on “They say……DHDC W5”

  1. I like the pics! Haha oh yes…it’s all part of the learning experience this summer. But props to you for translating – I wouldn’t be able to do that and effort does count. Nonprofit supervisors are busy, what’s new

  2. Oh gosh, I know that feeling all too well! Obviously none of the edits were personal but when they are changing your hard work its hard not to be a little sensitive. Way to take it in stride.

  3. This is a great way to let out your frustration! As previously said, I think this feeling is generally shared…especially when you have your supervisors not seem to listen to what you are saying (by her not reading your email) or by making countless changes at the last minute. I am glad outreach went better afterward, though!

    (Which wasn’t mentioned in this post but we’ve talked in the car about it, so. 🙂 )

  4. I’m so happy other people know this feeling too haha… I def see this the same way as Amber I think it’s got a lot to do with poor communication due to as Cathy says lack of time… definitely ran into this problem with my work a well

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