Live from Kat’s Entertainment Radio – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Live from Kat’s Entertainment Radio

So last Wednesday was a very exciting and surprising day.  Our boss Rhonda decided to sign  us up for a time to speak on a local online radio show called Kat’s Entertainment Radio.  She informed us a few days before Wednesday that she would like us to speak on the radio show about who we are and the work we have done.  After she told us this she said “Kerrel I believe you know the host and owner of the radio show”.  I was pretty sure if someone I knew owned a radio show I would know of it, but I didn’t think much into it and continued on with the day.  When Wednesday came, around 7 o’clock, we left the office and headed to the radio station. When we walked in the door the owner and host of the radio station was a very close family friend who I knew my whole life.  Scott and my dad are very close and I see him very often.  I was completely surprised that he had his own radio show (I probably was told he had a radio show a million times in my life).

However, the radio show was a wonderful experience!  We sat in chairs next to the host and were provided with our own headset and mic.  When it came time for us to talk we were well introduced and held a long conversation.  We talked about University of Michigan, what we were studying, the work we have done with the Sierra Club, current environmental problems, possible solutions and a few others.  It was a great experienced and both me and Amy really enjoyed ourselves.  During the radio show a few other family friends came by and were there to see how I was doing.  After the show was over, I talked for a while and gathered a few tips about how to talk on a radio and run your own radio show.  They informed me we both did good and are welcome to come back anyyyytime.  Scott even told us we could have our own radio show (sounds kinda scary). Overall it was good to talk about the differences we were making in the community and see and chat with old friends.

Well this is Kerrel Spivey signing off live from Kat’s Entertainment Radio!


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  1. Were you nervous about talking on the radio? Did people call in? I’m so curious about the details. Lol You were actually probably pretty comfortable around so many familiar faces. That was a pretty great experience Kerrel!

  2. This is so awesome! One of my coworkers does a podcast and I wanted to help with sound checking and speaking into the mic with your headphones on is just another experience. This sounds amazing!

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