Week 9 @ Detroit 300 — almost there – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 9 @ Detroit 300 — almost there

We’re at that point now when you can see the finish line and just have a little further to go! But… this is also the über-stressful point (at least in my internship) when all the data that’s been compiled from the whole summer has to be averaged and turned into three different forms (poster, text document, and powerpoint!). So now’s the time to frantically try to get everything done!

Anyhow, I decided to take this opportunity to share a few intern tips that I’ve learned from this experience (I’ll probably look back at these for reference next summer, haha):

1. Stay organized! Use google drive and whatever else is necessary to make sure you can access files anywhere (having only paper copies of things is less preferable if you want to access stuff from multiple locations)

2.Be ready to work together! Sometimes in an internship you’ll be put in situations where you need to work with people from other organizations that might not understand your role in the team (they might just see you as an intern or… free labor). However they view you, it’s your job to get a successful product out of the deal so find work-arounds and scout out the best way to communicate/who will be the most receptive to your ideas and get going!

3. Communication is key! We heard this on a panel and I really like this — ask your boss what mode of communication they’d prefer (or learn it the hard way — trial and error). It’s really helpful to know going in if your boss will only answer you via text or if he/she is amazingly speedy at e-mail. Talk to him/her and find out! (Same goes for other people although to a lesser extent — trial and error works fine for others).

4. Always have a pen! Sometimes it’s the little things that other people might not necessarily have thought of — like having a pen! — that’ll really come in handy/earn bonus points!

Other tips: remember people’s names when you first meet them (people enjoy being greeted by their names and it’s nice to show you remember them)

and finally try to have fun, it is your summer after all!


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