‘Poster Smoster’ – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

‘Poster Smoster’

Working on my poster was a task. I thought I could easily knock out my poster, but that wasn’t the case………………….


1) Every time I tried to bring the text box behind the text, it did not work.

2) Some of my pictures were behind the text boxes, instead of on top of the text boxes.

3) I wish Illustrator had spell check. There was times when I didn’t know I had typos. I didn’t find those typos until I was about to attach my poster.


1) I had multiple layouts of my poster, which allowed for a clear layout of my poster.

2) I had pictures I knew I wanted to use for my poster.

3) I found a wonderful picture as the background of my poster, a local corner store of Detroit. The photography site I found the picture on, is a phenomenal site with hundreds of photos of ‘old’ Detroit and ‘new’ Detroit.

I was hurt when I had to delete parts of my posters so it would be attached.

Well, my poster came out fine. The viewing of it is only 30 minutes, not a lifetime!!!

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  1. I feel you! I had such a terrible time with photoshop that I eventually got one of my graphic design friends to just physically do what I was trying so tirelessly to accomplish on my own.. failing lol

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