Week Four and Cultural things – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Four and Cultural things

There are a lot of cultural differences between the area of Midtown and the area where I am from. In my life, I have been a part of two different neighborhoods. The first being the city of Dearborn that is almost 90% Middle Eastern and the second being Southwest Detroit which is predominately Latino. Although they are two very different cultures on their own, they share many characteristics. Both of the communities place a strong emphasis on family, the residents know neighborhood, many people are working class, there are always kids running down the street, etc. Midtown/Downtown is totally different, and for me it has mostly been city life that has been a strange culture to get used to.

From what I have seen, the population of Midtown and Detroit is comprised of mostly young professionals alongside a homeless population. This obviously creates a different dynamic between people. You can walk down the street here, you are just another face, and you keep to yourself. Most of the people around me are not from here, and are not staying for long. To me, this does encourage a different behavior and attitude, one that is much more private. It is especially obvious in the workplace, where the culture is much more professional and reserved. Although I talk to everyone in my office, I don’t actually know anyone, and for me that is a different interaction to get used to. It isn’t a negative, but you can definitely feel that you are not in a neighborhood community anymore.

It has been nice to be able to go back to Southwest and play on my softball team and see many familiar faces and feel much more relaxed. However, I also really enjoy the opportunity, independence, and variety that Midtown and Detroit has to offer. Since it is mostly people around my age either working or going to school here, the day to day life, the atmosphere is much more lively and hip. The day is not over around dinner time, some things are just getting started. It has been fun to be a part of this new climate of young people; it’s similar to college but more professional, more real. It feels good to live out here and be a part 

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  1. Nice post Gina! The cultural differences between the different areas of the city you describe are very interesting. I agree with your analysis of Southwest. From what I have observed, there exists a strong sense of community amongst the population, contrary to my hometown. Regarding Midtown, I don’t believe everyone is just another face. Many seem very kind and I often exchange pleasantries with those I pass by. If you’d like, say hello to some folks and I’m sure you’ll see that everyone is actually pretty receptive!

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