Week 4 Culture – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 4 Culture

There aren’t many differences of culture in the area that I work at. I’m used to working with the ethnicities in Highland park because of the church I attend. It’s either you’re African American or White in Highland Park it’s not very much a difference. The age culture in Highland Park is mostly elderly people who grew up there and lived there for majority of their lives and do not plan on leaving. They love their city and frowns upon anyone who thinks different. 

The workplace where we work is a little different from what we’re used. It’s not a lot of traffic at the office. It’s really on Charlene by herself and us when we come into the office. The work load is not very heavy but yet very light compared to a usual workload at the University. Working HP Collaborative is different but yet a learning experience of working in different types of work places.

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  1. Similar to your workplace, my workplace only has two races of white and African American. I am the only Asian American at my workplace. There are also some older women at my workplace. My supervisor loves the city of Detroit; it truly inspires me. Similar to you, I don’t find myself overwhelmed by the workload like I did in the fall during the school year. It sounds like your workplace is great!

  2. It is amazing how different my work place is compared to yours. I love the fact that the residents that live in the neighborhood love their city that much and disagrees with any other fact. My supervisor lives in Ann Arbor and commutes everyday to work and he says he loves Detroit.

  3. I work as the same place as Huong, and see that there isn’t much diversity outside the white and black dichotomy. I will say that many of the residents here have so much pride in the area. They really have a culture of efficacy that carries a lot of weight!

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