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Month: June 2014

Cultural Cues at FOP

My fourth week at Friends of Parkside is almost complete, and I believe that I have a very good sense of the organization’s culture. Workplace culture at Friends of Parkside is definitely influenced by several factors, mainly age. For example, the majority of staff at FOP, besides myself, Lauren, and another intern, are older adults. The …

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My Thoughts on Culture

Growing up, I didn’t really feel a strong connection to any particular culture. There didn’t seem to be anything interesting or distinctive to me about any of what we did. I think I was very isolated from any feeling of community; as a family we never grew to be extremely close, I never really completely warmed …

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Cultural Cues

So far the cultural cues and behaviors have seemed to vary among each individual with whom I’ve come in contact. Of course, these cultural aspects don’t always differ greatly and generally, they get along coherently and fluidly. One small observation I’ve made about a cultural nuance is the habit of saying “Ms.” and “Mr.”. There …

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Week 4: On Culture

The culture in my workplace at the 48203/HP Collaborative is very much different in comparison to any other job I’ve worked. Having worked in food service, the work is fast-paced, loud, and somewhat strenuous physically and mentally after hours on your feet. Having worked in office settings, the work is tedious, boring, and you watch …

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Week Four: Culture Cues

When it comes to culture, every individual has his or her own view of it. How  each and every individual perceives it is absolutely different and may at times be unrelated. I have come to value and appreciate culture in a way that I never knew actually existed. Culture opens a path for all of …

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iO Culture

The iO office is very small. I arrive at 9:30 every morning after doing a literature review or working on one of several iO projects I have in the works currently. My work day begins at 8:30. I take my large coffee mug with the Nam Center for Korean Studies insignia down to Starbucks every morning, …

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Entry #4: Raros

I recently heard that scientists have estimated the probability of one’s existence, or the chances of you being you.  From the odds of you being a boy or a girl to the likelihood of your ancestors getting knocked up, these scientists took everything into account and came up with what I like to call the …

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GRDC Culture

My workplace culture is really quite fascinating. I would say the biggest factor that defines the differences in my workplace are age. Age seems to be a big divide that really produces quite different ideas and thoughts about how we should execute some projects. For example, introducing google drive as a platform seems to be …

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