Re: A letter to My [future] self – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Re: A letter to My [future] self

It seems life teaches you the same lessons over and over again until you get it, but each time life reveals it to you in a different way.

A lesson that continues to be a part of my life is “Stay focused Lauren”.

I always keep it in mind, I even alluded to it in my first blog post:

Your contributions should be of minute and of large detail, from daily, tedious office work to a grand research project that affects all aspects of the organization. Just remember to prioritize.

You see its there.

So, how did it go -staying focused?

Well it went well, I stayed focused; I never lost sight that I was their to contribute. I have gained that figurative, fleeting thing called confidence and I know that I’m capable, which is the root of doing anything in this world, and for which I am inexplicably thankful.

Of course, I wasn’t perfect. But I have learned to accommodate my imperfections. For a while now, I’ve  been avoiding using a planner but this program has shown me the value of writing down what you plan to do.

I’ve realized that we all need structure -which is another of saying instruction or guidance, even if it is from ourselves, which was what the letter was about. Writing down this:

“this experience is both of gain and contribution, and what you plan to contribute is a method by which this organization can reach its larger vision, or at least a finding that informs the organization of the next steps to take to reach that vision.”

Was as much a part of my success as doing it. This articulation was that thing that life kept reminding of while I was working. I heard it in the talk of my co-workers, I saw it in the smiles of the children and, in the faces of the parents, and I felt it in me.

Now I can only hope life keeps reminding me of this experience.

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