Week 5: Detroit News: A Gift to the Youth – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 5: Detroit News: A Gift to the Youth

“Detroit it the nation’s poorest, largest big city in America.” This was the one statement in the entire article that struck me. I had indifferent feelings. I know that the economy of Detroit has not been the best, but I’m sure that it has so much potential. The fact is, the truth hurts. No matter how much I try to defend my city, I have to recognize that potential is not enough. A plan, an execution of that plan, and the people to fulfill the execution of the plan are needed. However, where there are hindrances, there is help.

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The Obama administration awarded $5 million dollars to Michigan in order to help Detroit fund a demonstration project for the youth. With the U.S. Department administering this money to Detroit, major companies in Detroit such as Ford Motor Co., DTE Energy, and others  will create job opportunities for the youth of the city, over 2,000 jobs to be specific. What makes me even more happy, is that these jobs will become available to formerly incarcerated youth. The unemployment rate for the youth in Detroit exceeds over 30%, which is a reoccurring problem for these young adults. Things are even harder for those who have been in jail. I am grateful to the Obama administration for investing in not just Detroit, but in the youth.

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The word “youth” is very important to me. The word reminds me of a new born babe, rejuvenation, of the beginning. The youth of today is the foundation of the future adult. Many people undermine the youth due to their age and inexperience. However, I know that the power of the youth is what makes future leaders powerful. This investment is in support of utilizing Detroit companies to support one another and their community. I was also pleased to read that this project is planned to be implemented in the fall! In addition, other resources will become available for the students to ensure that they obtain, retain, and succeed in their fields. These additional resources include career education and  preparation, summer/enrichment programs, and integrated career path models, which are programs that align education and training programs to enable participants to earn credentials for their industries of employment.

I believe that this program will give students the opportunity to rebuild their lives and earn the art of self-efficiency. I really hope that the unemployment rate decreases and that the youth of Detroit can not take this opportunity for granted, but take advantage of it.

Link: http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/detroit-city/2015/06/30/grant-help-detroiters-job-difficulty/29502109/

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  1. Hey Ariel!

    Your post is awesome – I especially love the photos you added!

    I agree that Detroit is full of potential, but you’re right – it would be much better if that potential manifested into action. I also think you’re totally correct about available help – many people seem willing and excited to contribute to the city’s growth .

    This news is a very good sign, and I also hope younger people take advantage of such a cool opportunity! This morning, I heard on the radio that something like 30-40% of young people in Detroit are unemployed (please excuse my uncertainty, I know it was within that range :P…) Jobs like the ones offered through the demonstration project are extremely important because they can act as career stepping stones, not to mention boost confidence.

    The fact that these jobs are also available to formerly incarcerated youth is very uplifting! In my sociology course last winter, we talked about the stigma that remains even after someone leaves prison/a correctional facility. It’s extremely difficult (if not impossible) to shake that stigma; it stains your record permanently, making it hard to get hired. I’m glad this program will offer youth such a crucial second chance.

    You’re also totally spot-on about youth powering the older generations. I think people our age (and younger) are probably targeted most (in terms of advertising, etc.); the power we hold is clear. We just have to channel that power and influence toward something positive.

    The career path models are sound ideal and I can’t wait to see this project unfold – thank you for sharing this with us. 🙂

    -Emma Planet

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