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“Patients to speak next week at sentencing of cancer doc”

The title of this article caught my eye due to the location of my new placement. AIHFS is the polar opposite of this doctor in particular. AIHFS is filled with the most selfless health care providers I have ever met, putting patients above profit at literally every possible turn.

Now some may say “well the Henry Ford Health System is a non profit too, aren’t they just as good?”. Unfortunately no, Henry Ford health grosses billions of dollars every year, while providing essentially the same care that any for profit hospital would.

AIHFS is a unique phenomenon, something that most places in the country aren’t blesses access to. A clinic so concerned with every aspect of patient care, from the spiritual to the physical, that there is almost no time at all for worrying about the bottomeline.

It’s amazing to have been given the opportunity to work here.

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  1. Hey Lucho,

    I think there are bad apples in every (or at least most) bunch. To say that this one doctor personifies all of the Henry Ford Health System would be an extreme generalization. Additionally, I would like to point out that the only glaring difference between a for profit and non-profit hospital is whether or not the stakeholders or investors profit from ownership of the place. Non-profit stakeholders do not profit directly, however all employees, etc. still profit for their work. Many times hospitals only seeks non-profit status to avoid paying property and income taxes. The actual revenues of non-profit and for profit hospitals doesn’t differ that much as most of the income comes from health insurance plans which do not seem to differ in any significant way.

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