Week Six – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Six

Wow! Time has really flown by. I would not say this is a, “just yesterday” moment but the clock really does keep ticking. I have been so fortunate to experience Detroit from a different lens. I have always been an on the ground person. Woking directly with people but working in an administrative type of office has changed me in a lot of ways. I see that both methods of work are effective and necessary but you really do have to decide what you desire most.

The Environment has been awakening because I never knew much about it to begin with but I have been pushed in head first. It has been thrilling and very fulfilling. I have seen my passions grow from ┬ásolely dealing with education to women’s rights, community outreach, and environmental justice issues. Our air quality is never something I considered much until I could out that many of the issues we al deal with now, such as asthma and allergies, is due to pollutants and contamination. In hindsight it makes complete sense because our bodies are not meant to filter such substances so we have adverse symptoms to such conditions. These six weeks have been a lot of learning.

I know this post is a bit scattered but it really was my stream of consciousness.

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  1. It’s awesome to hear that you have gained a new passion. I wonder if you plan on continuing work with any similar issues come the fall. It seems as though you have really grown to like to topic, which is always good!

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