8th Week: yek si evitcepsreP – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

8th Week: yek si evitcepsreP

Are things really how they appear? Sometime we get caught up with the immediate message that we forget to look at the finer details within. Other times, we simply just accept the first thing that comes our way without really giving it much thought. Although once you decided to look at something with a clear and opened mind you be able to see something new. Perhaps even something new you may have never even considered.

For me seminars, at the beginning seems somewhat unnecessary. Having experienced a plethora of seminars last summer, I felt somewhat burned out and did not really enjoy the idea of having to walk a couple of blocks to the UM Detroit Center. Although as time went on I started to notice something interesting. Something that I had never noticed before. In most cases media plays a huge part of our lives. I am not simply just talking about social media on the interwebs, but more specifically current events. I for one am not someone who likes to quickly critically evaluate a situation that is presented to me from the start. Instead I like to wait until the end to form my own opinions. In some cases this can definitely be a plus, but in other cases it can also be a negative. In some cases the situation may be presented in a way that convinces me in a way that I ultimately forget to evaluate what I just heard and take it for fact. As a result, I usually go on about my day without really fact checking or thinking too much of the situation. Although as more and more seminars past. I was quickly able to evaluate and asses the topic that were going on. More so because I had previously experienced these occurrences having lived in Detroit all my life. Depending on how you look at something, whether is is the first time or the tenth, you can always find new and interesting things that you did not find the previous time. Seminars quickly started to become an enjoyable part of my routine due to the fact that it allowed me to enter a state in which I could ponder my own experiences and think even more about the issues and events on a deeper level.

Like I mentioned before, it all really depends on how you look at the situation. For example my heading picture may seem like a pile of junk to you, but if you knew what I knew you would think much differently. As a matter a fact all of what you see in the picture is actually the renowned Heidelberg Project. Now it goes from being a bunch of junk to a piece of art and social expression. Remember “Yek si evitcepsreP”, or shall I say “Perspective is Key”.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading post! I can definitely relate to you. I also dreaded the idea of going to weekly seminars. Also being from Detroit, I thought that I already knew the issues at hand. However, if it was not for the seminars I would not have learn the history of those issues and how they came about. You are correct. Perspective is key. When I first saw your picture, I thought it was bulk trash that was being thrown out by someone. This is the same perspective people have about Detroit. I am constantly advocating for the city and trying to tell others how wonderful it is to me, but to other they consider it nothing more than junk, and I too believe the media has played a huge role in that.

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