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A Wealth Of Info

During the Tuesday seminars and Thursday meetings I gathered a tremendous amount of information that would benefit me in many ways. Many issues that I wasn’t really well versed in was clarified and now I feel confident enough to hold a conversation with someone about my opinion. It actually helped that I met some of the people from the organizations that came to speak.  It certainly puts things in perspective when you see the tireless work these people put in day in and day out. It saddens me to know how hard they have to struggle to get a fair shake.  And they are fighting on behalf of everyone! I realized that these organizations are only as strong as the people who run them and most of these people are older.  That means when they can’t fight any longer the organization gets a little weaker. I’ve made a decision to do more community activism and try to bridge the gap between the youth and the older residents.

I’ve also realized that there are a lot of people oblivious to others’ struggles and suffering. I mean it’s one thing to not live a certain lifestyle and not have to deal with things that effect others, but to have no clue that people of color have to face constant roadblocks and systematic pitfalls just to try and live a basic life. Being charged more money than others, not being financed through loans, and lets not forget the police brutality. In a world where technology has connected all of us more than we have ever been, I believe that more responsibility has fallen on us to be more conscious, empathetic and involved than ever before.  Ignorance is oblivion.

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  1. I definitely agree with your post! I have learned even more about the struggles of minorities and the citizens of Detroit as a whole. That proves that I don’t know everything! You’re so enlightening and bright, I enjoy hearing you speak during the seminars!

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