July 2015 – Page 2 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

July 2015

Week 8: Gil Was Awesome!

Overall, my experiences with the weekly seminars and meetings have been neutral-positive, however, I have some criticisms about some of them. Like many of the other participants, I found some of the seminars to be bland, leaving me unengaged and tired by the end of the session. I feel like the content matter of the …

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Week 8 – Seminars

Overall, I have really enjoyed our weekly Tuesday seminars during this program. My favorite presentation by far was the one by Amy Krings. In this presentation she explained her dissertation to us through an extensive PowerPoint presentation. I was especially intrigued by the complexities and controversy of the new bridge to Canada getting built in Delray. …

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Week 8: Seminars

The seminars for this program have been an interesting way to get to know people, learn more about other placements, and reflect on our time in the city. While the Tuesday discussions have been pretty good, the Thursday student-led programming has by far been my personal favorite. The diversity of events has been awesome: from …

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Week OCHO (cinco)

The Tuesday meetings were strange. It was interesting to see a lot of our placements given the opportunity to teach us about what they do. It was also interesting to see how many other placements were made out to be villains. It was almost like some of the Tuesday meetings would pit different people in …

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Week 8: Seminars

In the beginning, I found the seminars to be quite boring. They were too long and about topics I wasn’t interested in. As the program has gone on, a few interesting ones have been thrown into the mix. These involved debating and politics,  and I came out of them inspired and driven. Otherwise, there wasn’t …

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Week Eight (8) Blog – “You can’t make up what happens in this city”

I’ve looked forward to Tuesdays for the past eight weeks. I leave my desk a little early and head downtown to learn about the city I love and the challenges it’s up against. The seminars have been exciting, enlightening and sometimes completely heartbreaking. This was especially true of our most recent seminar, which hosted Sister …

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