July 2015 – Page 6 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Month: July 2015

Week 6-Metro Matters

So far I have really enjoyed this program and my placement. Working at Metro Matters has really allowed me to develop a deeper interest and understanding for my major. I am really excited to get back to Ann Arbor and utilize some of the skills, and design skills/ toolsets I have gained from working here. …

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A couple weeks ago, I had the awesome opportunity to accompany my supervisors on a bus tour throughout the Osborn neighborhood. As a designated Skillman Good Neighborhood, it has seen some increased investment in the last few years. This bus tour was more or less a part of that, organized by a consulting firm who is …

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Week 6

I cannot believe that we are already more than halfway through this program. I feel like we have not been here that long, but then I realize all of the facts and information that I have learned about Detroit since coming here, and I realize that it has been a great deal of time. I have …

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Week 6: An Investigation of Detroit Revitalization Media

The past few weeks, I’ve been spending some of my time at work looking at how the media portrays Detroit’s revitalization and why that matters. According to the most recent census, 64 percent of Detroit’s businesses are Black-owned, but many residents are concerned that media narratives from both national and local sources surrounding Detroit’s resurgence mostly …

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