June 2016 – Page 2 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

June 2016

Creating lasting culture

The culture at the Friends of Parkside is constantly evolving. Despite its evolution, the organization cultivates a culture that encourages its residents to uplift the community and to support each other.  Communication is very important to the Friends of Parkside. This is because many of the decisions that are being made affect the whole community. […]

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DCRBP Week 4

The office I work in has a large amount of diversity in it. We collaborate with a lot of other organizations in the city and most of our meetings are here so people come in from Southwest, Midtown and District Three. Working with everyone all over the city, it has become clear that there is not

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Culture Week #4

I mean. I really don’t know what to say about my organization. I haven’t been out in the community enough to have an understanding of culture and how my organization operates within the culture of Detroit. However, I am happy that we had an intergroup dialogue today. I think that we did a pretty decent

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Week 4

Culture is something that has been especially prevalent in my mind this week, especially after our discussion as a group on Thursday. I feel like it is a word that is thrown around it a lot of different contexts and thus can mean a wide variety of things. As someone who is majoring in cultural

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Week 4: Culture

Last week, I was making calls to early education schools and programs to ask them to distribute our survey to their teachers. I was pretty bad at these “tele-marketer” phone calls and struggled with making a friendly impression with the administrators. When my supervisor listened in on one of my calls, she said my way of speaking

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I’m starting to really love my placement and everything it entails. For starters, I’m becoming more comfortable with my coworkers and I’m feeling more comfortable making jokes with both my coworkers and the people who I interact with in the community. The culture around the office is very similar to that of a family where Zach

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