Observations (I forgot to post this on time) – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Observations (I forgot to post this on time)

The biggest thing I’ve observed so far at my placement is that for the most part if people feel like you care then they’ll always welcome you with open arms. I’ve recently been taking the kids to and from tennis and lunch so I’ve gotten to interact with them a lot more and gotten to know many of them and I’m really enjoying that part. They’re finally starting to feel comfortable enough with me to just go crazy sometimes which is both a blessing and a curse because they’re really funny and I love being around and joking with kids but also it makes it more difficult to get them to do what we need them to do. Also when I have them inside the community room for the free lunch program and they’re wildin’ out then I always feel bad because there are a ton of people in the office who are working and trying to concentrate but these kids are being super loud.


IMG_4520These are the kids at Tennis practice. Our coach Jerry is tough on them but I can tell they’re improving everyday and are learning many life skills while also enjoying themselves. Our tennis program is going very well and hopefully all our other sports will continue to follow the same model.


P.S. I actually wrote this blog a day late but I guess I forgot to post it until now haha

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