August 2016 – Page 2 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Month: August 2016

Week 10 Reflections

As I read through my first blog post of the summer, I realize that I had fairly accurate expectations for the 10 weeks that lied ahead of me. I think that living in Dearborn and being in relatively close proximity to Detroit, in addition to having studied the history of Detroit in courses prior to the …

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Looking Back

When I looked back at my first blog post I was actually really surprised at how close my expectations were at the beginning of my internship to the reality that played out over the last 10 weeks.  My first post was very optimistic, I was hoping that I would learn a lot and get to …

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NOT the Last Week

Letter to my Former Self — Cole, Coming in to this program, I wanted to substantially impact a community this summer. That desire to impact change in the city of Detroit has not gone away — rather it has flourished. However, I have come to realize that one 20 year old who comes to the city …

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Week #10

Well Audrey, the ten weeks are up. It’s been an adventure, one you’ll never forget. I remember the way you viewed Detroit back when you were applying for DCBRP, how you had the perception of a hip, new, revived Detroit that they want you to see. I remember when your knowledge of the city was limited …

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Week 10 Blog

When I read my first week’s Blog, a few thoughts go through my head. First is the obvious fact that the summer did not at all go as I envisioned it going. The second is that the circumstances that made things go so very different were, by and large unavoidable. The third is that, while …

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