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Charlie’s First Week?!

Hey Charlie,

You know you’re my guy, right? Have I ever steered you wrong? Hey, probably. BUT THESE NEXT NINE WEEKS WILL NOT HAVE BEEN ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR MISGUIDED ANTICS!

It’s been a crazy, chaotic, uncomfortable, and scary week, my boy. You hate being the inept new guy. I know that. You’re easy to read. Nobody likes not knowing what they’re doing, but the critical difference between you and everyone else is their willingness to forgive themselves for their mistakes, to accept the foreignness of this new experience, and to learn diligently. What do we always say, huh? Life begins at the end of your comfort zone! You’re not a particularly Christly or saintly fellow, but a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote you love is, “God will not have his work made manifest by cowards.” Time to put it into practice. Jump in with both feet. Swallow your fear, your hesitation, your anxiety, your pride, and your discomfort. You will only immediately set your adventure off on the wrong foot by indulging those reflexive feelings.

Part of your hesitation and anxiety comes from a good place, or at least comes from the right reasons. You want to do a good job! You want to impress the people you work for. However, you can’t let these feelings become inhibiting. You can’t let them stop you. Instead, encourage them to propel you forward into novelty. Let them facilitate your work and your ambitions. It’s okay to be nervous or afraid.

Let’s be real, what are the legitimate reasons you have to be afraid and nervous? You’re surrounded by bright people that already assume you’re a capable and intelligent boi. We out here, ain’t we? You just went to a meeting in the Federal Reserve building under the wing of one of Forbes 2016 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneurs. You certainly can fake it ’til you make it.

Let’s consider all the stuff you’re confident that you can bring to Fresh Corner. You’re a reasonably amiable dude. You like working with people, and you figure folks like working with you, too. You’re a problem solver! That’s the Michigan Difference right there, no doubt about it. And, if all else fails, you’re capable of asking for help. You can only try your best when you actually know for certain what the next best course of action is.

The last thing you need to remember, big C: you’re so lucky to be here. This is a beautiful city full of people unlike anyone you have ever met, and this is your chance to meet ’em. There’s novelty, brilliance, and adventure on every city block, from the “good white people signs” to the late night café trivia.

Upwards of a hundred people wanted to be here, and your goofy ass actually gets to. Don’t take that for granted.


Your best guy


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  1. Lia Anita Fabbri

    Its been really nice having you at the office this week, Charlie. You’ve got such a warm spirit, and it makes adjusting to a new job a little easier. Thanks for letting me lean on you some!

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