Good vibes only | #4 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Good vibes only | #4

The Chandler Park Conservancy is a very laid back and comfortable workplace. On an ordinary work day, nothing is really formal. The way people dress, speak, or act is very similar to how person would be around their family. Alex and Yvette both talk about everything under the sun, whether it be family issues or current events, with Rai and I. We both have learned a lot about their family, as well as the east side in general.
I think this comfortability comes from all of us having a basic sense of respect for each other. I think this is partly due to our cultural identities. There are certain phrases, places, songs, actions that we are all familiar with, so when getting business done we know how to navigate different tasks, people, and areas. Additionally, Alex and Yvette both have at least one child that is about our age (or slightly older) so they kind of know how much and what type of work is appropriate for Rai and I.
Altogether, I am really enjoying the office place, but I’m ready to start the sports camp portion of this internship.

Song of the week: Happy by N.E.R.D.

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  1. I’m glad that your supervisors are chill and that y’all have that understanding with them and vice versa. I wish you the best on the camp portion of the internship, and that you have all the fun in the world. Who says fun and work don’t go hand in hand?

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