Week 4: Culture at CPC – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 4: Culture at CPC

The environment and culture at Chandler Park Conservancy is typically relaxed and comfortable to be in. It seems like about once a week we have some kind of meeting to attend but we are typically in our work area most of the week getting things done. When I first walked into the workspace on my first day, there were boxes and papers all over the tables we had to work at so we cleaned it up. I realized about two weeks in that there are so many different things going on around here that stuff just starts to pile up right in front of our eyes and we don’t really even notice. Looking at all of the paper on the tables reminds me of all of the things I still have to start/finish. Other than our general work area, our co-workers are cool too. I see our community organization as a little family: Alex (President/CEO) is like the father, Yvette (Program Coordinator) is like the mother, Aasha and I (summer camp interns) are like the younger siblings, and Liam, Jack, Chris, and Summer (lacrosse coach/interns) are like the older siblings. I enjoy being here because everyone is so genuine and has love and respect for the community and it makes me happy to be apart of this team.

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  1. I’m glad you’ve found a little family at CPC! That’s how I feel at DFA, too — I think its a product of smaller organizations. Lots of opportunities to get close! I hope you continue to enjoy your summer.

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