Week 8: Lessons as we wind down… – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 8: Lessons as we wind down…

Most of the lessons I have taken from our group meetings and events revolve around the idea of community learning and change, so much so that these nine weeks have been–in some sense–like a mini course and I have enjoyed every week of it. My favorite event was the walking tour we took at the beginning of the program with Jamon because I thought there was no better way to be introduced to the city and set the mood for the reconstruction of the Detroit narrative. Listening to Jamon so skillfully talk about the little known history of Detroit through the stories and lives of Detroiters as a Detroiter himself was the beginning of this narrative because prior to this, I had learned most of what I knew about the city in a setting where there weren’t many, if any Detroiters. Beyond being very interesting, the tour also gave me a sense of respect for the city and it’s residents and their experiences, and made me aware of how I needed to approach the spaces here with respect and a keenness to listen and learn from all the different things the residents were saying and doing.

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  1. I really loved Jamon’s tour, too. He is so incredibly smart, and gave us a really amazing experience. I’m also super grateful that he kicked off the summer with us and helped us establish a framework with which we could analyze what’s happening in the city on a deeper level.

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