Week Two- Community Placement (6/10/19) – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Two- Community Placement (6/10/19)

I work with the Bridging Neighborhoods Program.  Our mission is to provide optional pollution mitigation house modifications and home swaps to eligible citizens in Southwest Detroit (Vast majority in Delray).  This program is a City funded project that came about as a result of the Gordie Howe International Bridge project.  The community leaders of Delray requested the city give the home swap option to citizens that wanted to leave the area but were not bought out by eminent domain.  With the home swap we would trade a renovated property in another part of Detroit to the residents in return for their property which could then be demolished.  This project was designed to be a win for all parties and is totally optional for the members of Delray.

On a daily basis in the office we do anything from picking new properties to claim from the City Land Bank to talking face to face with the participants of the program.  My particular job this summer is to design questionnaires and then conduct interviews that will provide insight into the success and reception of the program so far.  These interviews and my report will be incorporated into the Bridging Neighborhoods Program annual report.  I am designing these questionnaires to incorporate both qualitative and quantitative data by way of some questions being open ended and others being multiple choice survey questions.

My experience in Detroit so far has been very positive.  From bonding with my fellow program members to becoming more comfortable at work I believe this summer will be one of growth and memories.  At work, I have at times felt a little lost and lacking next to my colleague but I believe this will pass. Some of the work I completed this past week I am truly proud of.  On the other side of things, becoming closer with the other members of DCBRP has been amazing.  From walking downtown to getting Ice Cream we are slowly but surly becoming more comfortable as a group and this makes coming home from work a lot more interesting as I feel like I am coming home to a community, not just a bedroom.

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  1. Josephine Kate Graham

    I agree with Carson–what a great way to put it! Also, I am super excited to hear about your interviews; I do qualitative research at my psychology lab at U of M, and I just know you are going to learn so much from engaging with the participants in-person. Great work, Adam!

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