WNDC – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program


My community placement is with Woodbridge Neighborhood Development Corporation. The mission of WNDC is to develop the vacant lands into affordable housing and also to help with rehabilitation of the current homes in Woodbridge. This summer, I will be doing a research project about the current housing market in Woodbridge and also the history of the housing market in order to understand why it is the way it is now. In doing this, I will conduct focus groups and surveys with community members to include the community perspective on the development of the housing market and its current status. I am excited to be doing this project because it is something that I have never done before. I spent last week reading about the history of Woodbridge and researching general knowledge about housing market terms and definitions. To my surprise I found this very interesting and I kept wanting to learn more; all of my google searches spiraled as I fell down the rabbit hole of real estate and housing market jargon. In talking with my boss I have taken an interest in urban planning as well. At Michigan there is a dual graduate program for urban planning and public health so I have had classes with urban planning students which I have always been curious about.

My first couple weeks in Detroit have been an incredible learning experience for me. I feel like a sponge for all the knowledge around me from community members, from my boss, and from my peers. I think this summer I will be able to learn more than I ever thought possible and I cannot wait!

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  1. Josephine Kate Graham

    Hello Haley! I relate to you feeling like a sponge! I believe all of us are learning so much and absorbing so much knowledge during our time here in Detroit!

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