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I have learned so much about community work and what it entails this summer. I have evolved in the number of things I learned this summer. Just to mention one of the many things I learned, I went on several walkthroughs for the house that WND is renovating and I learned a lot about house […]

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Week 7

I brought my bike down to Detroit the second or third week. I’m so glad I did because I’ve been biking all over Detroit. One experience that stood out to me was when I went for a bike ride downtown and up the river walk. I think this city is so cool because it has

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Week 6

So far this program has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I love my job because I’ve met so many inspiring people, such as my boss Angie, as well as learned so many things I never would’ve thought about before about the housing market and community development real estate. I started

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The Impact of Airbnb on Detroit Neighborhoods

https://www.crainsdetroit.com/government/detroit-planning-commission-consider-regulation-changes-airbnb-other-short-term-housing This article is discussing about potential new regulation regarding Airbnb in Detroit. This has been a topic that is reoccurring at my community placement. Since my placement has a lot to do with housing and how it is changing/has changed, the issue of frequent new neighbors has come up a few times. The new

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Woodbridge Culture

Cultural cues can take many forms. From clothing to simple eye contact, culture varies among different populations. I have seen several cultural cues at my community site. First, from walking around the neighborhood as well as from surveying and census data the culture in Woodbridge is predominantly African American, however the influx of white people

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My community placement is with Woodbridge Neighborhood Development Corporation. The mission of WNDC is to develop the vacant lands into affordable housing and also to help with rehabilitation of the current homes in Woodbridge. This summer, I will be doing a research project about the current housing market in Woodbridge and also the history of

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Dear Haley

Dear Haley, What do you want to do? “I want to help people.” I think a lot of people respond to that question with that same sentence, “I want to help people.” This is a hopeful answer, and without a doubt a good answer. However, I find it hard to think of a job that

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