Week 3 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 3

I spend a large amount of my time inside my office called Green Garage. Green Garage is a sustainable and environment friendly work space. Many of the materials used to create the green garage are recycled and they run off a large percentage of reusable energy. Another thing that they do to be sustainable is an extensive recycling and compost area in the kitchen. I love the open floor setting that it has to encourage collaboration in the office and for the different small companies in the space to get to know each other. Beyond this format, it is amazing to have a multitude of green spaces from the ally ways around the building to the 3 seasons room where there is office space and natural sunlight beaming in.

Within the city of Detroit, I have really just noticed how people in the area really work hard to conserve the community in Detroit through a bunch of different ways. I look at my boss, who has been a food advocate in Detroit since coming back to Detroit from the east coast after the hurricane there to the amazing film maker Nicole, who saw her neighborhood changing and wanted to document it to expose the issues within the Cass corridor.

Below, my room is pictured. This is I and my roommates community space which we have made into a group space for program. I really enjoy us hanging out as a cohort and enjoying our time in Detroit together.

PS: If you have suggestions for room names please feel free to comment them. Our room number is 742. Come hang out whenever we text in the chat to.


2 thoughts on “Week 3”

  1. Don'aa Williams

    Hi Karla,
    The space that you work in sounds very nice. I also think it is amazing to see how people in Detroit are using different platforms to support communities that are being negatively affected by the changes. Your community space also looks nice.

  2. Brenda A Harvey

    Hi karla,
    I think the room name should stay as room 742, I don’t think we can think of anything better. The Green Garage keeps surprising me on how much they actually save, I knew they were conscious on the environment but it’s always much more than what I would have expected.

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