Week 3 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 3

At this point, I feel like I’m pretty settled in to my job at Brilliant Detroit and regular life at Wayne State. I’ve been making an effort to try different things in the city, and it’s been really fun– I went to Belle Isle last Friday, shopped at Eastern Market over the weekend, attended a free jazz concert on Tuesday, and I’ve been to a few different Latinx restaurants for lunch during the work week. Some things I’ve noticed about our organization and Detroit, listed in no particular order: Everyone is very collaborative, there are always people talking to each other about their plans and work. The taste, convenience, and reasonable prices of food in Southwest Detroit makes it really hard to convince myself to pack lunch instead of buying lunch. Nonprofit work needs to be thoughtful and intentional for it to be effective. Everything in Detroit is a 15 minute drive away without traffic. A lot of work is figuring out what to do next on your own, because your supervisor likely is busy with a lot of her own work.

I feel like this week is the first week that my room at Wayne has really felt like home. We added another couch, put up a tapestry, and added some string lights. It’s really cozy now. 


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