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Week 9

My first blog post makes me smile. I was so excited for the summer, so unsure of what was coming ahead, but so eager. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I did say that I recognized this summer could possibly change my outlook on life and my future career. This most certainly came […]

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Week 8

My favorite group events were the two Jamon Jordan tours we took as a group. I really enjoyed hearing about the gentrification of Detroit from his voice. It’s one thing to learn about history from a book or a classroom, but entirely different to hear it while touring the sites being taught. I appreciated how

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Week 7

Most days after work, Karla and I tell each other about our days and lounge on the couches in our common room (thank you to room 745 for the extra couch!). When I look back on this summer, I’m sure that the time I’ve spent in our common room will be one of the most

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Week 6

There are two things I look forward to every day: the car ride home with Adam and Ire and my evening chats with Karla after work. When the program started, I didn’t expect much from our daily carpools. Slowly, we all warmed up to each other, and now we discuss things like the morality and

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Week 5

https://www.wxyz.com/news/detroit-is-demanding-grosse-pointe-park-remove-physical-barrier-with-sale-of-land This article reported on conversations between Detroit and Grosse Pointe’s city governments to remove a physical barrier between the two cities. The barrier currently blocks traffic on Kercheval with the intent of increasing foot traffic to local businesses on the street. The removal of the barrier is largely dependent on a land sale. If

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Week 4

Brilliant Detroit’s office culture is welcoming and supportive. It’s clear that the employees care about each other and people genuinely seem to enjoy and value the work they do. The nonprofit’s flat organizational structure conveys a welcoming message to its employees– the CEO wants everyone to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions with each

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Week 3

At this point, I feel like I’m pretty settled in to my job at Brilliant Detroit and regular life at Wayne State. I’ve been making an effort to try different things in the city, and it’s been really fun– I went to Belle Isle last Friday, shopped at Eastern Market over the weekend, attended a

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Week 2

This summer, I’m working at Brilliant Detroit, a nonprofit dedicated to expanding kid success for kids aged 0-8. Brilliant does this by opening community center-style houses in various neighborhoods across Detroit, where they run various programs for children and their families. The organization only moves into neighborhoods where they have been invited by a preexisting

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Week 1

Dear Janani, I only had a few days to commit to DCBRP after my acceptance, so when I emailed Jenna confirming my participation, I didn’t really know what to expect. Now that I’ve been here for a few days, I’ve realized that this summer has the potential to transform my outlook on life and my

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