Week 4 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 4

If I could think of the Green Garage in one word  it would be collaborative. There are over 50 businesses and about 110 people working here.Common practices include daily walks around the city, baked goods brought in to share placed on the common counter in the kitchen, and Friday brown bag lunches where people from the community come in to discuss issues or plans in Detroit while we have a chance to meet people from other companies. This is important to the triple bottom line business understanding that people need a space to collaborate and work where they feel welcome. It is very different from the typical business environment that is seen more as competitive.

Our work culture also works hard to make sure that the environment stays in tack. About 80% of the building is made with re purposed material, many of the lighting fixtures are actually sunlight, it is a room that gives a feel of sitting outside, the alleyways are covered in plants, and everyone does their part to recycle a large majority of their food.

I enjoy working in an environment where the people and environment matter.

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  1. Diamond Buchanan

    Hi Karla!

    Being in a space that feels welcoming to collaboration is always a plus. I enjoy the fact that the materials used are re-purposed which goes to show the sustainability of Green Garage. Having the ability to meet so many influential people has to be exciting, along with the baked goods.

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