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New Perspectives

Having been raised in Detroit, when I thought of downtown I thought of the Riverwalk. I hadn’t noticed the transformations that had occurred from my youth through today. How to Kill a City made the situation feel a bit more personal since a lot of my family were raised and still live in Detroit today. Throughout my

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Who Knows What?

Having encountered residents of different background, I began to wonder how much people really know about the current Detroit. We know there’s a lack of public transportation, high poverty rates, and a crumbling education system within the city. With residents struggling to make ends meet, what percentage involve themselves with matters that we’ve been exposed

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MSU Extension Culture

The MSU Extension is developing an urban agriculture site on the west side of Detroit. This site sites on the former elementary school that was demolished in 2016. Since that time, majority of the community recognized that area as an abandoned field. People would generally walk through it, and there’s often trash dropped around the

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Week 3

Through my partnership, home base is currently the MSU Detroit Center on Woodward, but our ongoing site is located on the westside in Riverdale, which is down the street from Brightmoor. The area surrounding the site is pretty quiet. Not because the people are quiet, but because there are few people to make any noise.

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DCBRP CoE Intern

Although I’m in the College of Engineering, I’m often getting involved with service work, volunteering, community development, etc. This opportunity will hopefully provide some insight on things I can do outside of engineering and with engineering to benefit society. I hope to contribute any and everything that my placement asks of me, but I’d like

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