Week 4 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 4

Focus Hope’s culture focus heavily on appearance, to better define this : It is important to dress and act professionally. The main reason for this culture is emphasizing the importance of employees being role models for individuals participating in the numerous programs the organization offers. In this spirit of professionalism , the employees are of diverse origins and showcases the importance of diversity in the improvement of individuals. Different departments, based on my experience, have varying levels of familiarity embedded in their culture; which enables me notices how to affect change in a work culture. The office culture is also encapsulated in a goal for group improvement. It is always emphasized to seek support, thereby creating an an environment of teamwork and respect.

I believe the culture of the organization could change in regards to community involvement. The organization does a lot of good for the community and I think if the average employees spends more time in the area, it would drastically improve the impact of the program.

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  1. Madison Fetterman

    The last part about the average employee spending more time in the area to improve impact is very true. Many people outside of DCBRP have been asking me how I think that some issues in Detroit could be resolved, but the truth is I have no idea because I simply haven’t spent enough time in the area and there are just so many issues that it’s best just to focus on one at a time, but different residents have different high priority problems. I think if leaders were to spend more time with residents, political decisions would change drastically.

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