Week 5 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 5


This article discussed how a police commissioner was arrested at a meeting for being disorderly. When I read this article, I found a few major themes on free speech, “techno-racism” and media discernment. On one side of the discussion, there’s the concern of upholding civil debate through legal enforcement and on the other there’s the concern of civil rights being challenged by “gestapo tactics.” Both sides were presented and gave their own voice to back themselves, and the article let us to come to our conclusions from it – speaking through the victims’ and actors’ voices. I believe this is a good way to present news, as its usually hard to discern the true dynamic of a situation if it’s buried in the journalists’ thoughts.

The police commissioner argued he wasn’t disruptive but only passionate about the issue that wasn’t being addressed properly at the meeting. On techno-racism and the future of profiling in Detroit. This debate is one that that is surprisingly modern seen recently in China (regarding facial-recognition and the Uyghurs). It’s important to have before it’s implemented terribly wrong, and since it is already in the progress of implementation, if it should even be attempted.

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