ayoola – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program


Week 8

The 67 tour was an event that stood out to me because the history discussed really characterise the racial tension in Detroit at the time – and the lasting consequences after. The scope of it was something I hadn’t thought about on as deep a level as I think I should have and I appreciated …

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Week 7

The first time I felt as though I really interacted with the cohort stuck out to me. It was after our initial Thursday meeting, and after spending a long time interacting with the group as a whole I quickly felt comfortable with the group dynamic. It still stands out to me because I find myself …

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Week 6

Since coming to Detroit, I’ve experienced an increased motivation to learn, and it’s a drive that’s found itself in my work and free time. It’s found itself in my increased willingness to sit down and actually invest in reading non-fiction as well as fiction. It’s found itself in my art, and where I’ve been led …

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Week 5

https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/detroit-city/2019/07/12/police-commissioner-slams-gestapo-tactics-meeting-arrest/1716796001/ This article discussed how a police commissioner was arrested at a meeting for being disorderly. When I read this article, I found a few major themes on free speech, “techno-racism” and media discernment. On one side of the discussion, there’s the concern of upholding civil debate through legal enforcement and on the other there’s …

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Week 4

Brilliant Detroit’s family culture is recognized in their flat organizational mentality as well as their drive towards Asset-Based Community Development in general. Many parts of Brilliant’s organization interacts with each other in a way that recognizes people’s individual talents and interests before strict protocol or hierarchy. This means Brilliant’s staff looks for peoples strengths, personality, …

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Week 3

Something I’ve observed from Brilliant Detroit is how essential team work is. There are many different parts that go into organizations and it’s rare to engage in a project that doesn’t need time and energy from multiple parties. While this can lead to frustration, delay, and miscommunication, this also forces us out of individualistic mentalities. …

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Week Two

Brilliant Detroit is invested in providing resources for Detroit neighborhood associations to better build their community. While Brilliant is primarily focused on the education and growth of young children, the fact that child growth involves more than just education (such as health and family) makes it so that Brilliant provides for the family as a …

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Week 1

Ire, At the start of this week, you entered Brilliant Detroit’s headquarters curious yet uncertain of your role in their summer project, questioning how you would contribute. There are still questions, but as you experienced more of the organisation’s character, passion, and progress you’re gradually learning how to ask better questions while also becoming more …

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