Week 6 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 6

Since coming to Detroit, I’ve experienced an increased motivation to learn, and it’s a drive that’s found itself in my work and free time. It’s found itself in my increased willingness to sit down and actually invest in reading non-fiction as well as fiction. It’s found itself in my art, and where I’ve been led in order to better hone it. It’s interesting because while it comes with its benefits, it also comes with a mild concern. It drives me to research, read, and write, but its been gradually categorizing what I once thought as free time as now more of a waste of time.

1 thought on “Week 6”

  1. Adam Philip Gilmour

    It’s really interesting to here you talk about how you now use the free time after work to better hone your mind. I feel like I often fall into the trap of allowing myself to spend the many hours after work doing nothing and justifying it as a reward for the hours spent at a desk. I aspire to use my time more usefully, as you do.

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