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When I saw the prompt for this week’s post, I originally started off by looking for timely news articles on Detroit, but after a few minutes, I realized I wanted to find something related to early childhood education and development in the city to build upon my current work, so I narrowed my search and …

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I am finding it very difficult to write tonight and, honestly, focus all day, and I am not 100% sure why, but I believe it may be because the week has been so great, jam-packed with activities, the sun high in the sky, a combination of everything…I have to say life is pretty good right …

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DCBRP Blog Post Week I: A Letter to Myself (6/3/19-6/7/19)

Dear Josie/Myself, The day before you moved onto Wayne State’s campus, a bout of unexpected nerves hit you. Initially, you felt ready to get started after feeling unmotivated for the first few months of summer, but when the time finally came around to leave home, worries flashed through your head. You had never worked full-time …

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