Final Post: Reflection – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Final Post: Reflection

One of the biggest realizations I’ve had through this experience is how easy it is for one to live inside a bubble. How many people our age within the city are informed on how many people currently have water shut off? How many adults would gather in their neighborhood to discuss current issues? I wonder how many U-M students know about the investment into a company that has evicted people. Learning so much about what’s right in front of me, I get frustrated at the thought that people may not know, may not care, or may not have the time.

My perspective on knowledge has transformed throughout this summer. It feels like I’ve lived a chunk of my life just not knowing how much people are fighting while others like myself have no clue.


This summer has also helped me what it means to want to be involved with programs such as this one. As an engineering student I found myself wanted to travel abroad and doing service work and then come to Detroit and learn about gentrification, the environment, housing, etc. Enjoying experiences such as this, I was able to choose the study Environmental Engineering.

I hadn’t expected to have a wall come down and reveal all of these sub-problems being combated as I commute via QLINE or sit outside comfortably or walk for 30 minutes feeling safe.

I hadn’t expected to feel so differently by the end of the program. I expected a simple summer experience that would make me feel more attached to Detroit. I got much more.

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  1. Adam Philip Gilmour

    Your point about living in a bubble is so true. I think Ann Arbor is one such example as you can live there and have no indication of the struggles happening throughout the rest of the state. Its a lesson to get out and see the world. Don’t be afraid of different opinions or cultures. Experience all so that you can better understand how to be a positive force in this world.

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