Week 9 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 9

Well, this is it.  Looking back at my first blog post I am pleasantly surprised by how many of my goals I have successfully checked off.  The first of these was to be a self-sufficient adult.  This is something I am very happy about as I worried about my ability to work and then cook nearly everyday.  In the end the ability to meal prep on weekends provided the push to get through a 9-5 then eat.  I only ever made big meals during the weekdays when I was doing so with friends.  I really feel as though I handled the responsibilities of this job well while also having a lot of fun.  I grew in stamina through the summer and by the end was always ready for talking and going out after work.  This served me well and gave me something to look forward to after work.

I also believe I excelled at making a positive impact at my placement.  This is largely because I have so much faith in the goals of my placement and the help I provided played but a small role in pushing the Bridging Neighborhoods Program forward in helping the citizens of Delray.  I loved my placement and was sad to leave.  That, by itself, is a strong indicator of the passion a felt for the cause of the Bridging Neighborhoods Program.

I am very happy with this summer.  I have grown in ways I didn’t think possible with my social skills flourishing due to the kind and easy to communicate peers that surrounded me everyday.  These peers also pushed me to develop my working skills and this is reflected in the presentation made at the end of my placement.  That presentation is full of work that I am proud of.

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