Week 9 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 9

A motivation I had for participating in Focus Hope was to see the organization from a different perspective and my time there introduced me to multiple sections of the organization. I was able to work with the organization to help different groups people, ranging from kids to adults. Although I got a great exposure to Detroit through Generation of Promise, putting on events and completing those events with the public on a longer period of time created a better experience overall. I was able to create connections with a diverse group of people, get a better understanding of motivations and goals of residents around my placement. I am glad I was able to learn and be a part of this community, developing my own understanding of Detroit. I was also able to join a family through my placement. I was able to complete my project and help my program in numerous ways.

I had some difficult times at my placement but I had fun overall and I am happy I was able to work at my placement.

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