Week 8: Camaraderie with the Dissatisfied – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 8: Camaraderie with the Dissatisfied

Dear Angel,

Having the opportunity to work with a group of people (Chloe, Madgean, and Diana) who truly care about the issues that you lose sleep over has been one of the most comforting aspects of the program. I worked closely on issues about education including analyzing inequities concerning access between schools as well as systemic structures that create hostile environments within neighborhoods. We specifically chose to focus on a issue that troubles the hearts and minds of people across the nation and specifically the city of Detroit. We each brought in and discussed things we learned from class, in personal reflection/study and in the media. We found ourselves having similar thoughts and feelings. We were dissatisfied. We decided to do the research, follow the facts and see where it left everyone else in the cohort. Our team really worked well together and I am glad I worked with them.



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  1. Hey Angel! I think often times when we are dissatisfied about something or even just hear the word, we instantly think of a negative connotation. But, I love how instead you found camaraderie in this shared dissatisfaction with your learning group! I think I had also felt similarly with my group and was hence able to really dive deep into my learning group’s topic! Thank you also for your participation during my breakout session haha 🙂

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