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I’ve enjoyed the small learning groups throughout DCERP a lot. They feel special! Each cohort fully immerses themselves into the process of learning, as they play the role of both student and teacher during presentations. It’s interesting to see each group learn and present through different mediums and formats. In addition to the learning groups, an experience which stood out to me in particular was the guest speaker who spoke about trauma-informed care. This lesson in particular resonated with me, as I was moved back into my childhood home. I hadn’t realized how much unresolved trauma still existed in me, with little opportunity for discussion, resolution, or closure. After seeing the surveys patients are asked to take, slowly checking box by box, I realized that day that moving out hadn’t made these experiences disappear. I was thankful for this discussion as it birthed a realization in me – I realized I needed to pursue closure. And now, that is what I’m doing. Thanks DCERP!

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  1. Hey Ruchita! You’re actually talking about my mentor, Dr. Custer!!! She was the guest speaker for the trauma-informed care, and I’m so glad that you got so much from the presentation! And I’m so sorry about your past experiences, it seems like it weighs heavy on you, even till today. Still, it sounds like they made you a strong person and motivated you to join DCERP so you can serve others who may be going through ACEs themselves. I hope you do find the closure that you are looking for, self care is very important and you should be your first priority!

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